Workout And Exercise Your Lower Abs The Right Way

amazng 6 pack of lower abs

We are living in great times, the times of healthy toned lower abs that can be seen on a person from a mile away is now here. Well maybe not that far, but some of these lower ab exercises and workouts today are really getting people great looking abs and I am one of them. In this post I will be going over how you can get the abs you have always wanted. There are so many lower ab workouts and exercises today that can show you how to acquire those rock hard 6 packs that make the lady’s go wild. I will go over some of the easiest ways as well as some of the hardest and most fastest.

The most famous and probably the oldest or well known ab workouts is sit ups. I am sure we have all done our fair share of these workouts at one point in our life’s. I remember being a kid in school and it was always a race to see who can do the most sit ups the fastest. Come to think about it as kids everything was a race, who can run the school lap fastest, pull ups, push ups, what ever it was we would do them fast. Instead of doing them right we just did them as fast as we possible could, like the gods would give us a reward because we can do things fast, what great times.

One thing you must do when doing sit ups or crunches is to make sure you do not put your hands behind your head. Put your hands on your chest instead. You also don’t want to go to fast, go nice and slow and make sure you feel that burn, there Is no need to go fast. Going slow will work out your lower and upper ab region ten times better. No matter what ab workout routines you plan on doing it is best practice to use proper form either with your lower ab workouts or upper ab workouts.

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Proper form is very important to ensure you are not wasting your time within your ab workouts. If you don’t use proper form all those days you have invested in your abs or any muscles for that reason will be in vein. When doing your workouts make sure to do them right so you can be rewarded in the end. I am sure you have heard the story’s of those buff guys that did their curls wrong for so many years and now they cant even extend there arms properly, so yes please do proper form.

Now when it comes to sit ups or crunches I would always recommended doing crunches, crunches really workout the ab muscles a lot more then sit ups and give more rewarding results in the end. Crunches will also give you faster lower ab results, but crunches only works on part of the ab muscles. Most ab muscle workout’s don’t work out the whole ab region, so in order to get those perfect toned ab muscle’s you need to do more then just one style of workout to get those abs you desire.

Two good ab workouts you should do to get the whole upper and lower ab region toned is bicycle crunches and regular crunches. A good rule of thumb especially in the beginning is to workout one day and take the next day off so your muscles can rest and get stronger. As time goes by you can do 3 days on and 1 day off, it’s always a good idea to let your ab muscles rest from time to time. The best place to train and learn is you tube, just a great website for learning anything.

The reason why I would suggest this is because most people there know what they are doing, just tons of different exercises that workout the lower and upper ab muscle region. Overall if followed step by step at least every other day you will get the best toned abs possible in the quickest amount of time. Just make sure your form is correct, I know it could be very tough and challenging to follow the instructors form at first. But as time goes by and you keep this in mind all will be well and you to will have lower abs like mine, just don’t take all the lady’s away from me please!


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